Kettlebell Training Outside Of “The Box”

Our Slogan at Natural Training Center is “Train Anywhere!” We use it alongside our Motto, “Always Prepared!” We know that it sounds good and reads well on marketing material but what exactly does it mean?

Helder making coffee the hard way..

Helder making coffee the hard way..

Our Tribe Members come from diverse backgrounds. We are an International Tribe with members scattered around the world. This certainly brings a varied depth of experience to our Tribe. Many Members, including myself, have Military and Youth Scouting experience which is shared and implemented into our Tribe and NTC Method. So from a very early age, we have been exposed to various environments allowing us to Train Anywhere regardless of weather, location and available equipment.

A couple of months ago, the weather was quite different than what it is today here in the Sunny and Hot New Jersey, New York City area. I had a kettlebell with me (No Great Surprise) and decided to go outside and Play.

There was a snowstorm just 48 hours, previous to our arrival. I’m not going to lie..I was eager to get out there and play on the untouched snow with my kettlebell. The fact that we were 4000ft above sea level as well as the cold and the snow sticking to my kettlebell made this workout different than any other workout that I have ever had.

This is the beauty about being able to Train Anywhere. The experience is always different and usually in a positive sense. Everytime I train in a different memorable location, I collect those thoughts and experiences the way that some people collect refrigerator magnets from the places that they have visited.

Egg on a Stick Recipe

Egg on a Stick Recipe w/ Tribe Member Adriana

It really does not matter if it’s kettlebell play, bodyweight exercises or even a Hike in the field… Varying your training environment will not only add a completely different spiritual experience, but it will develop and test attributes that you may not have known existed previously.

Use your vacations and travel as new Tools to experience your workouts and Play, making up your overall lifestyle. Get out there and PLAY and you will realize why at Natural Training Center, we prefer to Train Anywhere; the more that it differs from the norm, the better! 😉



Kettlebell Play in the Snow with a Focus on MMA and Combatives

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