Warrior Zero Declassified

Top Secret Bodyweight Training System Employed By Elite Law Enforcement And Military Units Around The World
To Forge “Battle-Ready-Fitness”

…Now Available For Public Use

Dear Friend,

My name is Helder Gomes. Former Active Duty United States Marine and International Fitness and Combatives Instructor. And today is an exciting day…

Because I’m finally able to make available to you a powerful fitness system… previously authorized for use only with elite law enforcement and military units.

So if you’re tired of not feeling (or looking) like the type of person who can “go” when it counts… and if you want fast, no bullshit, anytime-anyplace fitness program tested in the trenches where it counts… then keep reading…

Here’s what this is all about:

I don’t think it’s any secret “special units” are a close knit bunch; That they prefer to keep their “advantages” to themselves… behind closed doors. And away from prying eyes that might leak these advantages out to “the wrong people”.

I know from first-hand experience. I lived it for years as an Active Duty U.S. Marine. And I witness it all over the globe as an International Fitness and Combatives Instructor.

When they get a hold of “a good thing” they don’t share.

So when I designed my Warrior Zero program for them to forge battle-ready-fitness in the shortest amount of time possible, they “persuaded me” to keep it classified.

Which was fine at first. However, over time I began to realize…

The dire state of conventional fitness  being shoved down the throats of the public through mass media.

Reality TV shows that were any thing but real.

Celebrity “authorities” that were anything but authentic.

And books and training programs that were anything but safe.

The shame of it is my friends and family were relying on these fashionable “workouts” to improve their health and bodies.

Meanwhile I had to sit back and watch the failure… the frustration… and loss of motivation.

All while I was spending 2-week stints all over the world boosting the health and bodies of elite warriors to new levels… and leaving them with a step-by-step map they could follow to keep the results coming before I moved on to the next training group.

That’s when I’d had enough.

That’s when I decided…

I’d do whatever it took to bring this new system out of the dark and into the light for public use…

And after many (long) discussions with my contractors, I’m finally able to do just that.

Warrior Zero is built on three guiding principles.

Principles these elite warriors require to make sure their bodies are physically up to the challenge of “going” at a moment’s notice.

And I realized you need a fitness program that follows these same three principles now more than ever.

Here They Are:

1. These Warriors Don't Have Time To Waste On Bullshit Programming

LEO’s & military operators have one hell of a packed schedule. When I get contracted to train these warriors, I may only have 2 weeks of 5hr daily sessions with them to teach my fitness & combative course(s). As an example, before they get to me in the morning they head to the range for live-fire drills. Once they finish training with me, they go straight to the armory to clean & prepare their weapons/gear for the next day. Later that day, they may be performing rappelling or search & rescue drills.

These warriors are busy and bogged down with a packed schedule. Even when they are not training with me in person, they have countless instructors leading them on other tactics training but still need to get their workout in. If they are not implementing an effective & efficient fitness program; they AIN’T doing it.

Bottom Line: they don’t have time to waste. And neither do you. You’ve got a schedule. You’ve got responsibilities. You don’t have time for long winded workouts and programs that demand too much of your time.

2. These Warriors Can't Afford To Beat Their Body's Up To Stay In Shape

These officers are “always” on duty. They could be in the middle of any training and Get the Call. They need smart, agile programming. It needs to still leave enough gas in the tank so that when the time arises, these warriors can still accomplish their mission. If they get ‘beat up” or injured during their training sessions, I’m not only endangering that officers life but I’m are also putting his team and the victims lives that he has to respond to in jeopardy.

Bottom Line: they can’t afford to beat their bodies up to stay in shape. And neither can you. You never know when life will require you to use your fitness abilities. It can happen at a moment’s notice. And you’ve got people that depend on you. Your body needs to be ready to “go” in a heartbeat.

3. These Warriors Need Workouts They Can Use Anywhere, Anytime

Most warriors train in random locations. They realize the importance of moving safely and keeping elite fitness levels. So whenever and wherever the chance to train arises, they answer that call right there on the spot. If specific equipment is needed, that only makes things more complicated. If the training always needs to be performed in a gym then we are short-changing these warriors because nothing in their natural environment is as perfect as a gym. Training in the natural environments that these officers operate in makes the training more adaptable and effective. Nothing in nature is a comfortable and as fluffy as you would find in a conventional gym. Allowing these warriors to utilize the Warrior Zero program in any location and any environment makes it the choice for those that need to train in real life environments.

Bottom Line: they need workouts they can use anywhere, anytime. And so do you. Especially if you want a program that’s easy to use and easy to stick to. Results come only from consistency.

Here’s What You Get With Warrior Zero:

The Warrior Zero program has been tested with National & International Law Enforcement Units, Kettlebell Combatives Members and it is also what allowed me to get where I am today. Many of you know my story and that I am a service-connected disabled veteran from the United States Marine Corps. While others were rushing through material to get to the advanced kettlebell training, I was focused on my Warrior Zero exercises at a snails-pace. I was learning how to address and work around my disabilities & restrictions using the same exact exercises contained in my Warrior Zero Program.


    -5 Workouts per Week with 2 Recovery Days

    -13 Complete Video Tutorials

    -PDF Manual

    -13 Total Weeks of Progressed Instruction

    -Individual and Full Video Tutorials For Your Convenience

    -Access To Our Support Forum

    -30 Complimentary Access To Our Private Member Facebook Group


buy now$37 USD

**I'm so confident you'll love my Warrior Zero program, that I'm putting my money where my mouth is. So if at any point over the next 60 days you decide you're not anything but blown away by the material or by your results I insist you demand your money back. No hassle. No questions asked. I'm able to make you this completely risk-free offer precisely because Warrior Zero has been proven to work for civilians and professional warriors alike all over the world.

WARRIOR ZERO is taught to Military & Police units around the world..

Me Training a Middle-Eastern Special Police Unit in Combatives with Warrior Zero Implemented Daily (October 2015)

It is an honor for me to train elite Law Enforcement, Military & Martial Artists both stateside and abroad. This experience allows me to gauge what is truly needed to perform at advanced levels. Many times, when we want to progress, we need to go back and correct the basics in order to get there. Warrior Zero is not complicated but it is effective in helping you to find where those "leaks" that are holding you back are.

Warrior Zero is helping all of these elite units with their movement, safety, strength and endurance, imagine what it can do for you!


-Detailed video instruction

-HD digital downloads of the full program in .MOV & .MP4 formats

-Bonus body weight warm up sequence

-Bonus body weight restoration sequence

-eBook (PDF) containing protocols & detailed weekly schedule

-Support Area in our Forum

Read What Others Have To Say About WARRIOR ZERO:

It was an honor to work with Coach Helder. He has a method of teaching that allows the students to not only understand, but also to feel what he has to convey. Warrior Zero is No Joke and will change the way that you move.

Sgt. Q
Middle-Eastern Special Operations Team Leader

I have had the pleasure of training with Helder both in the United States and here in my home country of Germany. Warrior Zero is a great program to teach & to understand movement. I use various exercises from Warrior Zero with my students both for fitness attribute building as well as a great assessment tool.

Christian Streit
Chief Instructor at Deuce Combat Systems (Bamberg, Germany)

We ran though Warrior Zero at my dojo when Coach Helder held a clinic here in Brasil. The way that the Warrior Zero program develops many of the movements needed to become a good BJJ practitioner impressed me. We really enjoyed this program and continue to implement the exercises and principles into our daily training.

Sensei Reis -7th Degree Blackbelt BJJ
Team Reis Jiu Jitsu Academy (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I have known Helder for quite some time. Whenever I am free & Helder has a workshop, I make sure that I am there. The information that he teaches allows me to deploy it immediately in my daily life whether or not I am on the job.  Moving safely is imperative for me & my team. If you practice the movements in Warrior Zero, you will always be at the top of your game if and when the time comes.

Officer K
Port Authority PD Emergency Services Unit NY/NJ


  • Build Your Endurance
  • Build Muscle & Get Toned
  • Learn To Move Correctly In order To Stay Safe On The Job.
  • Learn To Move Efficiently, Save Your Energy For When It Counts
  • Refine Your Martial Arts Attributes: (kicking, punching. grappling, etc.)
  • Train Anywhere With No Equipment Required
  • Enhance Joint Mobility & Flexibility
  • Quick & Effective Workouts
  • Learn to Move Like an Elite Operator (Warrior Zero is taught Internationally to elite Military & LEO's)

buy now$37 USD

**I'm so confident you'll love my Warrior Zero program, that I'm putting my money where my mouth is. So if at any point over the next 60 days you decide you're not anything but blown away by the material or by your results I insist you demand your money back. No hassle. No questions asked. I'm able to make you this completely risk-free offer precisely because Warrior Zero has been proven to work for civilians and professional warriors alike all over the world.

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