The One Stove That Your Backpack Should Not Be Without- Solo Stove Review

We received our Solo Stove in the mail a few weeks back and we finally got a chance this past weekend to run it through it’s paces. We enjoy reviewing gear at NTC. Not only does it provide valuable information for our members but it also gives us another excuse to get outside and play!

Solo Stove

The downfall of lightweight backpacking stoves that i have owned in the past is that they need nasty smelling, highly flammable fuel. Not only did we have to lug the stove, along with all it’s attachments and replacement parts but we also had to worry about various fuel requirements. If it was too cold, the fuel was useless! I don’t know about you but for me -I do not want to worry if my gear will work or not while I’m in the middle of my adventure.

Now think about this -what if it were a survival situation?

The Solo Stove addresses this issue by utilizing organic material as it’s fuel source. Twigs, sticks, dry grasses and basically anything organic that you find on the ground is your fuel. No need for cumbersome stoves with hazardous fuel. Now that is exciting!

But will the Solo Stove actually perform the way that it’s manufacturer claims that it does?

We put it to the test over a weekend camp-out and made the following video review. The video contains our review of the Solo Stove and it also goes over some basics of fire building.

Solo Stove Review

The Solo Stove Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight (9oz.)
  • Durable (stainless steel)
  • Fast Burning (we boiled 1/2 quart of H2o in less than 5 minutes)
  • Wood Burning (never have to buy fuel)
  • Designed for Survival (minimalist in design & function)
  • Camp Cooking (it is a great side burner)
  • Abides by Leave No Trace Principle (no scorching the ground)
  • Accessories (plenty of options)
  • Affordable (price has come down a lot, no fuel concerns)

If you are in a market for a great stove to keep with you in the outdoors or just want a great piece of gear in your emergency pack; I definitely recommend the Solo Stove.

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