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Helder Combatives Park

Combatives Attributes: An Introduction

Combatives is a simple concept to grasp, but a difficult endeavor to pursue. Being effective at “combatives”, instead of “martial arts”, is a core philosophy behind Kettlebell Combatives, Natural Training Center (NTC), and the NTC Method. Of course, this is not to discount the value and practicality of many martial arts disciplines, but it is […]

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Renzo Gracie Academy Cranford, NJ

Kettlebell Combatives Power Workshop @ Renzo Gracie BJJ Academy in Cranford, NJ

“Discover How To Take Your Fighting Skills To The Next Level “Using One Simple Proven Tool And An Internationally Proven System” And This Doesn’t Require More Time Beating Yourself Up On The Matt Or Access To A Training Partner. If You’re Looking To Accelerate Your Skill In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible Using One […]

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