Hi, I’m Helder Gomes… and in the following special report I want to tell you about the one kettlebell exercise that transformed me from a disabled United States Marine to an International Combatives and Fitness Instructor. So, if you want to cut through the fluff conventional media and supposed “gurus” feed you on a daily basis… and take advantage of- “in the trenches” secrets to forging the kind of body that looks great and can wreck shop when tested… then read on…

This is the kind of information

I wish someone had revealed to me

when I was down and out…

Here’s the story…

The fact that I am a US Marine keeps me loyal to the Corps and all things that it teaches.

Once I became injured while training as a Marine, I was no longer an active duty Marine. And it wasn’t long before I was a fat, sick and tired mess. With a shoulder that would dislocated several times a night while I “slept”… and a knee missing an ACL, which would force me to worm my way on all fours just to get from one room to another.

To say I was disgusted with my life would be an understatement.

Yet I never gave up hope that somehow I could turn things around.

I researched the Internet on a daily basis; it was part of my job at the time. Suddenly, one day something caught my eye…

It was a blog post of someone (with worse injuries than me) performing some pretty cool feats of power and strength.

They were using an object that resembled a cannon-ball with a handle on it. I’d soon find out it was called a kettlebell.

I spent the next few weeks delving into all-things kettlebell related and stumbled upon the kettlebell swing… which was also referred to as the starting point for kettlebell training.

You have to keep in mind that at this point I was not only physically “disabled” but also mentally defeated. My life was all about being physical and part of an elite unit.

Once my career as an active duty Marine was over, I felt that much of my self worth was also in the trash. But..

Something was different about these kettlebells that I had just been exposed to.

So I decided to give them a try despite my doubts. I assembled as many video’s, books, and podcasts on the kettlebell swing as I could get my hands on…

I quickly discovered the kettlebell swing was definitely not as easy as some of these coaches made it look.

And I was worried that my injured shoulder and my non-ACL having knee would fail on me… as it did with everything else that I tried.

So I approached my training very slowly, with baby-steps if you will. In the process:

  • my core became stronger
  • I learned to use my body as one machine
  • every other movement I did suddenly seemed to carry more power
  • and I started walking around with so much more looseness and ease

Could it be that contrary to what doctors & experts warned me about my “future limitations” were untrue?…

Was I actually fixing myself with the kettlebell swing?

You bet your ass.

THEY were wrong.

I wasn’t broken for life.

And I was proving it… with each and every additional rep of those kettlebell swings.

I was in a very bad place, mentally, before I was introduced to kettlebells.

The feeling of being broken — a wash out that would never again be a bad-ass in any physical endeavor — kept me up at night.

I felt that people looked at me differently than they did before. Hell, I didn’t even want to go out or be around friends which was always a big part of my life previously.

In a nutshell (and a bit of a corny one at that) the kettlebell swing saved me from myself. It gave me the power to be me again.

Little did I know that the kettlebell swing would not only allow me to begin my martial arts practice again, but it would enhance those movements in a way that I never imagined. By using the kettlebell swing I began to integrate my movement patterns and moved my body as whole.

This came about because of not only my fear of bringing back the old limitations because of my injuries but because the kettlebell swing has to be performed in that manner in order for it to be effective.

Bruno, Our Mascot

Bruno, our mascot, is always on watch making sure that we train hard but also Play Hard!

Even though I was performing the kettlebell swing; I was actually practicing martial arts…

How cool is that?

There were some other cool “by-products” that I didn’t expect from my Swing practice.

While feeling sorry for myself after all these years, I put on a ton of fat. It’s no surprise due to the fact that I barely left the home and the times that I did try to tackle my old workout routines, I would injure myself. So, eating pizza & chicken wings while working on my computer was what I practiced the most.

This was a far cry from being a Marine, in his dress blues, known for bullet proof abs extremely low body fat composition. But after a few weeks of performing kettlebell swings everything began to change.

  • My clothes were fitting looser
  • My muscle tone began to show
  • And I was even standing much taller than I had before

So not only was the kettlebell making a bunch of changes for me on the inside but now it was also showing on the outside. This made me stay on track and kept me exploring this wonderful exercise call the kettlebell swing!

If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I would amount to anything more than a fat, sick and tired hermit struggling to get out of bed most days, I would have told you: absolutely not!

But now, I’m proud as hell to have gone through the rigors of combative training with some of the top instructors globally… busted my ass to be a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor and Tacfit Field Instructor… and am now an internationally sought after combatives instructor.

Because I know the life changing power of the right kind of kettlebell training I want to do something special for you. In a moment I want to give you a rare opportunity to get all of the kettlebell swinging secrets I discovered from battling my way out of hell and into top shape.

But first…

I want to give you my top 3 kettlebell tips for getting started on your own…

Plus a bonus video coaching tip…

Here they are:

#1: When choosing a kettlebell and on a budget, get the kettlebell that you can get.

Yes, an average sized male should get a bell weighing 20-24kg but don’t harp too much on the brand. I have seen many people prolong the benefits of the kettlebell swing because they were saving up for the “right” kettlebell.

My advice is that the right kettlebell is the one that you can get your hands on now so that you can start today. As you progress in your training you can then worry about pro’s and cons of certain kettlebells. But in order for you to acquire the knowledge to know which type or brand is best for you, you need to practice with a kettlebell and practice a lot.

Worry less about brand names and spend that time on mastering the one exercise that will change your life; the kettlebell swing.

#2: It’s OK to wear gloves.

I see many coaches and organizations out there belittling people because they choose to wear gloves while using kettlebells. I feel that there is a time and place for gloves and it completely depends on the person.

As an example, I am one of those guys that sweats a lot. Shit, it could be the middle of winter, in the snow and if I am Swinging, my hands are sweating. At certain times, I wear minimalist gloves just so that I can keep the handle in check as I perform high ballistic repetitions.

I certainly do not recommend wearing gloves for all of your training sessions. There is a certain amount of sensitivity that needs to be gained from training without gloves but if gloves keep you training, then by all means wear them. Just keep the key word “minimalist” in mind when choosing your gloves.

#3: Contrary to popular belief, you Do Not need specific shoes when training with kettlebells.

Just like glove selection, less is more.

As a matter of fact, my advice is to train barefoot. When we train barefoot or with minimalist footwear, we solidify our stance. It is easier to judge as to what your exact foot position is when we are barefoot. When we add a bunch of technology that most athletic shoes offer these days we are actually depriving ourselves of solid training. The more feedback that we can give ourselves as to what we are actually doing during our training session, the more that can can work on and fix issues that arise from improper form.

Wearing shoes with all sorts of padding and arches masks these feedback responses and makes it more difficult to asses the situation. When we train with minimalist shoes or better yet barefoot, we need not worry if it’s us or is it the shoe causing the issue. I will give you a hint, It will be us. :-)

The video coaching tip that I want to share with you here will not only help you with your kettlebell swing… but will easily translate into pain-free and powerful everyday movements...

Now for the rare opportunity I promised you…

Because you’ve made it through to the end of this special report I know you’re serious about taking advantage of “in the trenches” secrets to forging the kind of body that looks great and can wreck shop when tested.

And to be honest, I only want serious men and women having access to this information.

Anyway, point is I want to give you my Kettlebell Combatives Volume 1 training program at an exclusive price I don’t offer it for publicly.

Here’s the deal:

Kettlebell Combatives has a relatively distinct method of training. The kettlebell is our opponent and develops us as combatants. Once you advance through the various Kettlebell Combatives Volumes, you will begin to combine more advanced movements into your training. You will soon realize that precise movements that we need to succeed in our combative arts are being practiced and developed by the kettlebell quite naturally. We know that we cannot beat the kettlebell, the best that we could hope for is to go the distance with it. This IS the shortcut to combat mastery.

This approach to combatives training is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been around for thousands of years, starting in China. The equipment they used were basically square kettlebells made of stone. The practice is called Stone Locking and it is still used today.

By using a kettlebell we are actually building greater combative attributes and skill because of the kettlebell being round; we get more options and versatility in our training. But the sound principle is the same between some aspects of Kettlebell Combatives and Stone Locking.

If you do not have any kettlebell knowledge, then you are actually ahead of the game. Let me tell you a little story about an experience that I had in Parris Island during U.S. Marine Corps bootcamp.

It was time for us to head to the range to learn how to use the M-16 rifle so that we can qualify with and and hopefully become Marines. I was a bit nervous, besides that usual nervousness brought on by Marine Corps bootcamp. My issue was that besides shooting .22 caliber rifles in the boy scouts, I had zero experience in shooting, let alone qualifying with an M-16.

After sighting in on a barrel for the better part of a week, it was time to live fire. My instructor spoke to me and asked about my experience. I, reluctantly, told him the truth. He smiled and explained to me that I was ahead of the game. he basically said “recruit, I spend most of my day on the range trying to break bad habits that other recruits have developed while shooting daddy’s shotgun. Since you have no experience, you have zero bad habits. So basically, everything that I teach you will be digested and you will shoot like a pro.” Needless to say that I qualified as an Expert Rifleman the following week.

So my point is.. No experience, no bad habits!
What you learn from Volume One, as long as you do the work, will get you exactly where you want to be with your kettlebell swing which will open doors to a completely new level in your combatives practice.

  • Benefits of the Kettlebell Combatives system:

  • The kettlebell never gets sick and always shows up to training
  • The kettlebell will kick your ass in a very short time; it’s time efficient
  • You cannot hurt the kettlebell no matter how hard you go
  • the kettlebell allows you to do work in all planes of motion
  • the kettlebell teaches you when to inhale and when to exhale
  • The kettlebell teaches you how to recruit the right muscle group(s) for the task
  • The kettlebell develops you in a way that you are less susceptible to injury
  • The kettlebell gives you a vice-like grip
  • The kettlebell saves you a ton of money by allowing you to only need one piece of equipment
  • The kettlebell teaches you when to stand-fast and when to get the hell away
  • The kettlebell teaches you when to go hard and when to relax
  • The kettlebell teaches you to move from the hips
  • The kettlebell teaches you how to activate and move from your core
  • The kettlebell teaches you how to focus projected power
  • The kettlebell solidifies your combative stance
  • The kettlebell ingrains your guard stance
  • The kettlebell teaches you mid-foot drive
  • The kettlebell will greatly enhance your footwork
  • The kettlebell will give you greater mobility
  • The kettlebell will give you the edge on your groundwork
  • and much more of course..

The experience that I have gained working with individuals all around the world has given me great insight into what warriors need to succeed on a daily basis. I have been able to not only develop specific exercises and drills but also to teach them so that you can take advantage of this information right from your home.

You MUST Master The Cornerstone Of Kettlebell Exercises To Take Your Combatives To The Next Level

Novice Trainees must master the kettlebell swing if they desire to install a strong foundation to build the rest of their Kettlebell Combatives on top of… and seasoned kettlebell combatants MUST continually return to the kettlebell swing to shore up the cracks that more advanced Kettlebell Combatives can impose…

Kettlebell Combatives: Volume 1

Volume 1

  • Volume 1 Includes:

  • Over an hour of detailed video instruction on Mastering the kettlebell swing
  • Digital downloads of the full program (both Individual tutorials & full video downloads available)
  • Bonus body weight warm up sequence (ideal warm up for your upcoming training)
  • Bonus body weight restoration circuit (learn to heal your body so that you can always perform at your best)

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From Disabled Veteran to International Tactical Fitness & Combatives Instructor


Coach Helder in Israel with the U.S. Marines

hg_profile_pic-253x300The Kettlebell Swing was pivotal in helping me go from mentally defeated, overweight and out of shape, to running marathons, leading nature excursions and teaching combatives to military personal and law enforcement officers all over the world! As a former Eagle Scout and United States Marine, corrective exercise and performance enhancement specialist, kettlebell coach, marathoner, and combatives instructor, I bring a host of experience and innovation to my instruction of kettlebell combatives.

Mastering This One Exercise Changed My Life

But It All Begins with:

Kettlebell Combatives Volume 1 is the guide that I wish I had years ago. It’s a collection of drills, tips, techniques, variations and progressions programmed to help you build a strength, stability, conditioning and ability base from which to tackle all other endeavors and sure up your combatives game.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Kettlebell Combatives: Volume 1

Rich J.

Kettlebell Combatives: Volume 1 on the Swing, spends a great deal of time focusing on using the correct form. This video has helped clear up a lot of the confusion from other sources, and I’m starting to see great results!”

Rich J.
United States Marine Corps
Daniel Junkin

I’m new to the kettlebell but have been intrigued with this piece of equipment for some time. I know and respect your work so when you offered the instructional DVD on The Swing I decided to try it out. First, the Swing itself is exceptionally effective as a conditioning move. After comfortably managing a low weight I chose a more challenging weight and was surprised by how drained found myself. After about two weeks of using the KB Swing, I’m seeing a resonate contribution to the movement I seek. Your instruction was Clear and Concise and provided me with the confidence to try something new in a very public venue. Impressive Work Helder.

Daniel Junkin
Martial Artist
Michael Robinson

Coach Helder, you have done an excellent job with the kettlebell combatives swing guide!! This is seriously helping me with my attributes needed for improving my swing and enhancing my martial arts performance. I am positive it will help anyone whether beginner or advanced! The fact that you truly own the material shows as well as your passion to share with others! I will refer to this again and again but after this I seriously look forward to what’s next! Awesome!

Michael Robinson
5th Dan Triadic Martial Arts from Michigan
Scott Burden

The Kettlebell Combatives is for people exactly like me. I’m a stickler to the Basics and I GET that Foundational Work is Everything; That is why I like this Guide so much! The Swing guide is comprehensive. I am a Home user, never had facetime with a Coach on Kettlebell training. Regardless if you train in Martial Arts or any Sport, this Swing Guide will Greatly enhance your ability and performance!

Scott Burden
4th Degree Black Belt Kempo Karate -Canada
Capt. P

I have worked with Coach Helder both in the United States as well as various contracted services in the Middle-East. His attention to detail allows him to convey information so that our team members “get it.” If you get the opportunity to train with Helder in Kettlebell Combatives, you will understand why he is an Internationally sought after Coach.

Capt. P
N.J. SWAT Commander

Advanced Kettlebell Play From Coach Helder.

It All Starts With The Kettlebell Swing!

Volume 1 details absolutely everything you need to master the most important exercise ballistic kettlebell training. And detailed exercises tutorials provide you with a sound technical foundation from which to build all other kettlebell training upon.

The Kettlebell is not only a vital component of combat mastery, but also of a sound health and fitness plan…

Whether you’re a novice looking for a starting point for your kettlebell combatives, an experienced kettlebell combatant looking to shore up holes in your game, or an Instructor and fitness coach looking for detailed progressions and corrective drills for your clients, Kettlebell Combatives: Volume 1 – Swing Guide is the answer you’ve been looking for…
Thank you for taking the time,

-Coach Helder

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