Move Over Dutch Oven, We Cook Our Steaks On Kettlebells!

Ok, I know that most of you are thinking “Steak on a Kettlebell??!! Is this Moron Serious?”

So let me explain WHY.

Helder Cooking the Steak on a Kettlebell

Helder Cooking the Steak on a Kettlebell

When we have permission to build an open fire and happen to have our vehicles near, we gereally have our kettlebells with us. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering what we do for a living as well as FUN; Hence Lifestyle!

Those of you that are familiar with Natural Training Center know that one of our favorite methods for cooking involves the Dutch Oven. I have been using a Dutch Oven since my early years in the Boy Scouts of America when I was first exposed to it. The ease, the taste and the endless options make the Dutch Oven a tool that has been with me for over 30 years. With all that practice, one has no choice but to get pretty good at cooking with a Dutch Oven.

Well, what does the Dutch Oven have to do with cooking a Freaking Steak on a Kettlebell? Simple Answer: They are Both made of 100% Cast Iron.

In the past few years I learned more benefits of using Cast Iron for my cooking needs.

Metal poisoning is a big issue with everything that we are exposed to in the recent years. Cooking on non-stick surfaces and Aluminum adds to the metal poisoning that we are exposed to daily. Using Cast Iron not only keeps you away from these dangerous metals and chemicals (non-stick) but it actually provides much needed Iron that may be absorbed from the Dutch Oven or in this case, a kettlebell

The Dogs Smell MEAT!

The Dogs Smell MEAT!

I had my beloved Dutch Oven with me on this trip but I do not currently eat meat. Well, my dogs LOVE Meat and and since I cook for them when I can, I’d rather NOT cook their meat in my Dutch Oven. I love my dogs, they are like my sons and I do not want to expose them to dangerous metals any more than I would any other family member.

So Now You Know!  😉

Below is a short clip of the simple process to cook a Steak on a Kettlebell. Please keep in mind that the kettlebells that I use for cooking do NOT have paint or other chemicals on them. Do Not attempt this with any other variety kettlebell. Once you have the right kettlebell, here are the simple steps:

-Build up a Roaring Fire

-Place your Kettlebell in the roaring fire for 15 minutes but leave the handle exposed so that you can grab it when needed

-Be sure that the kettlebell has a stable platform to rest throughout the duration of your cook time

-You can drop some water or even “spit” on the kettlebell and see if it sizzles. If it does, it is hot enough to cook on

-Place the kettlebell on the stable surface

Well Done Steak on a Kettlebell

Steak on a Kettlebell

-Place meat on the Flatly Laid Out kettlebell and cook till the desired temperature is achieved. Flip with whatever tool is best for you

-Remove the meat when it is done cooking.

-Keep the kettlebell in the fire and make sure that the flame is strong enough to burn off the remaining Fat/Grease

-Remove Kettlebell once grease is cooked off with a shovel, poker, Channel locks or whatever works for you (you can even leave it in the fire and let the fire burn out if that is an option)

REMEMBER that the kettlebell will be piping hot and will take hours to cool off.

Steak on a Kettlebell Over an Open Fire (Video)

Thank You for viewing!


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