VOLUME 4: the Kettlebell Snatch

the Kettlebell Snatch Instructional Video Guide

Want to take Your Kettlebell Snatch Training to a Higher Level?

Tired of Trying Other Kettlebell Snatch Training Methods And Still Not Getting The Detailed, In-The-Trenches Instruction You’re Looking For?

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If you were to tell me, let’s say 10 years ago, that I would be able to perform a kettlebell snatch with my left shoulder issues..I would have definitely told you that you were full of shit. For those of you that do not know “My Story” here is a brief recap: While on active duty as a U.S. Marine, I injured my left shoulder. The injury was so bad that I was honorably discharged as a 20% service-connected disabled veteran. I went from being an elite warrior to being an “unsatisfactory civilian.”

Physically I was broken, mentally I was destroyed..

Volume 4 It wasn’t until many years later that I found, by chance, information on the cool piece of exercise gear called a kettlebell. What caught my eye was a story about a severely injured man (much worse than my disability) who rehabilitated his injuries using these kettlebell things. Kettlebells now had my attention. Could there really be something out there -after trying virtually everything- that would get me back to being..ME, the me that I was & Liked Much Better? I was hesitant but began gathering more information on kettlebells. I started reading every forum & blog post. I bought DVD’s & every digital download. I found a credible website online that shipped kettlebells for a decent price so I ordered a couple of kettlebells. I began with very basic bodyweight movements & kettlebell drills and was content.

I was happy to be doing something physical again & my shoulder seemed to be holding up just fine. Even the kettlebell swing was only a probability in my mind at the time. I continued with the basics for months and finally got the confidence to attempt the kettlebell swing. I stayed with the NTC Basic Training exercises and the kettlebell swing for the next 2 years. It is hard to explain but the fact that I had a steady, sustainable workout was new to me. My shoulder wasn’t popping out, I was seeing and feeling great results so the last thing that I wanted to do was attempt other foreign movements and end up right where I began; Broken. I discovered so many nuances with the kettlebell swing that i would ask coaches, instructors & other kettlebell guru’s questions pertaining to those specific issues. I was always searching for a better, more efficient, way. Everyone had an opinion. Some of them made sense but most of the answers from the “instructors” seemed like a carbon-copy of each other. I found it odd but gathered some of that information and continued exploring on my own.

The result of this slow-paced journey allowed me to really develop the proper mechanics of the kettlebell swing. I wasn’t concerned with the next cool exercise nor was I progressing too fast so this allowed me to really focus on the kettlebell swing. During this process I gathered information from many great coaches. From there, I organically progressed to more complex swing variations. Through that slow-steady practice I was able to solidify the foundation needed for all the gradual progressions of conventional kettlebell exercises and beyond. the Kettlebell Snatch Instructional Video Guide With our NTC Kettlebell Fundamental Guides we put in the countless repetitions both personal and as NTC Coaches while gathering the information contained in them. From the Kettlebell Swing to the Kettlebell Waiter Snatch, our instructional kettlebell Guides give you the step by step navigation to get you there. All that you have to do is put in the time. All of the information and progressions have been tested by me as well as many of our NTC Tribe members over the years. That is why when it comes to a complex exercise like the kettlebell snatch, we made sure the tutorials that it contains convey the safest & most efficient way to perform the kettlebell snatch; both basic and advanced progressions. Following all of our previous NTC

Kettlebell Fundamental Guides and owning those core exercises is fundamental to attaining a great kettlebell snatch. I’m not stating that you need to spend 2+ years on the kettlebell swing like I did before you progress but think- Baby-Steps & be honest with yourself. The Kettlebell Snatch Guide is hardcore. Even the basic kettlebell snatch is a serious exercise. Some of my teachers referred to it as “the King of Kettlebell Exercises.” Well, at NTC we take the king UP a Few Notches so be sure to pace yourself. The Kettlebell Snatch Guide is no joke with it’s progressions. If you have not seen the teaser for the kettlebell snatch guide, take a look below.

So you can tell by the video clip that there is some cool stuff going on in our kettlebell instructional on the snatch. The advanced material is always cool but it all starts and happens by owning the basics. Do not rush, make sure that have a solid foundation in kettlebell training before you begin your kettlebell snatch training. I wish you all the best in your kettlebell practice and I hope to meet you all in person one day! Train Safe!

The Kettlebell Snatch is referred to as the KING of kettlebell exercises. With this kettlebell snatch instructional video you will learn how to safely and effectively perform the kettlebell snatch.

Once you get the basics of the kettlebell snatch down, the sky is literally the limit- Let us show you what we mean by introducing you the safe way of approaching advanced kettlebell snatch techniques.

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