Warrior Zero

Warrior Zero Program

Want to take Your Health & Fitness to a Higher Level?

Looking For A More Fun And Engaging Way To Train that is SUSTAINABLE?

There is a lot of versatility contained within our NTC Method; from Combatives & kettlebells to minimalist running & yoga. What all of those separate “camps” have in common is the need for refined movement. Let’s face it, as humans, we are designed to move in certain degrees of motion. Regardless of the activity being performed or the tool being used, movement is movement.

As I began to work with clients locally & around the globe, I noticed that in order for people to maximize the benefits within the NTC Method, there was a base of refined, unrestricted movement that needed to be achieved or “owned.”

Warrior Zero


-Let’s use a couple of our current Kettlebell Combatives Members as an example:

Sue is all about kettlebells. She prefers her kettlebell workouts to just about any other form of training available. When working with Sue on her kettlebell swing, I noticed that her knees were extending forward a bit to much on her “hiking back” portion of the kettlbell swing. I demonstrated a few exercises that would aide her in developing a safer & more powerful Swing. Sue practiced those exercises in conjunction with her kettlebell workouts for the next couple of months. When I worked with Sue few months later, I was amazed by the progress in her kettlebell swing. She feels the difference and is progressing nicely.

Mark is really into our NTC Combatives. While working with Mark we discovered that during weapons training, he would tip forward too much putting him in a bad position; Combatively speaking. I showed Mark the same exercises that I shared with Sue. As expected, Mark solidified his stance and has created many more options for himself as a Martial Artist.

The examples like the 2 referenced above is why we decided to develop the Warrior Zero program. Everyone wants to be better at the movement contained in their preferred method of training or sport. Many want to use the latest, coolest, most Hard Core fitness training programs available. But have they removed enough of their restrictions to safely & effectively receive the benefits that these “Super Cool, Incredibly Advanced” programs have to offer?

I often refer to people becoming chair-shaped due to their lifestyle. We go from sitting in a car to sitting in a desk chair. We then get back into the car, get home & plop down on our couch. Many even workout in a seated position most of the time. Is it really a wonder why so many of us have an under-developed core, terrible hip mobility & bad lower backs?

Kettlebells changed my life & they are my preferred tool for resistance training. NTC has released various kettlebell training Guides & programs. Our kettlebell training material progresses from basic to very advanced. While hosting kettlebell workshops & clinics over the years similar situations to what occurred with Sue & Mark began to arise. I would have to pause the instruction on that particular kettlebell exercise and demonstrate bodyweight movements that would help the participant overcome their current issue or restriction.

The light bulb went off…

Since these particular exercises were helping all of our clients refine their movement, regardless of what that movement was being utilized for; Let’s combine these corrective exercises and design a program that would benefit everyone.

The Warrior Zero Program was created!

Let’s face it, we all want to challenge ourselves with advanced fitness training. A big part of NTC’s kettlebell training is catch & release or kettlebell juggling drills. So we are well aware of the need for advanced training protocols. What many programs seem to lack is the focus on priming the body before we get to the advanced work. We would never put a roof on a home that didn’t have a solid foundation so why would we train that way?

The NTC Basic Training Program is a 13 week program that is performed at your pace. NTC’s Basic Training will get you the results that you want such as fat loss & building lean muscle. But it also comes with what you need; more mobility, corrected bio-mechanics and less impingement restricting your movement. The cool part is that you will be so focused on the exercises that you may not even notice how healthy your body is becoming.
The NTC Basic Training program has been tested with National & International Law Enforcement Units, NTC Tribe Members and it is also what allowed me to get where I am today. Many of you know my story and that I am a service-connected disabled veteran from the United States Marine Corps. While others were rushing through material to get to the kettlebell snatch, I was focused on my Basic Training exercises at a snails-pace. I was learning how to address and work around my disabilities & restrictions using the same exact exercises contained in our NTC Basic Training Program. -Coach Helder Gomes


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  • bonus body weight restoration sequence

  • eBook (PDF) containing protocols & detailed weekly schedule

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Warrior Zero




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