Affiliate Program

Affiliate Information

The Kettlebell Combatives affiliate program is run through Clickbank. If you don’t currently have an account, you can set up your free one here.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the idea of earning commissions for promoting other people’s products can be both exciting and confusing. How do you know how much you’ll earn? How is the sale tracked and reported? When will you get paid for the sales you’ve driven?

Understanding Commissions

Here’s a simple overview of how ClickBank commissions work:

  • You’ll log in to your Clickbank account and create a customized HopLink for one of our Kettlebell Combatives products.
  • You promote the product online – utilizing any of our affiliate tools below.
  • A customer clicks on your HopLink, goes to the vendor’s website, and ends up purchasing the product.
  • The customer purchases the product from ClickBank and you receive credit for promoting the sale.
  • Your commission is calculated based on the net sale price (see below) and credited to your account within two minutes of the sale.

Getting Paid

Obviously, the goal of being an affiliate is to get paid for your efforts. To receive your first commission payment, there are two requirements:

  1. You must reach your payment threshold, which you set in your Account Settings.
  2. You must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement.

For more details about these requirements, please see Clickbank’s Accounting Policy.

Once you’ve met these two requirements, you can start receiving payments. For more details about ClickBank’s payment schedule see Paychecks.

If you’re located in an eligible country, once you’ve received two paper checks from ClickBank within a 12-week time period, you can start receiving payment via direct deposit. Once you become eligible for direct deposit, you can specify this as your payment method in Account Settings->Payment Information. If you are not within a country supported by direct deposit you may be eligible to receive wire payments.

Refunds and Chargebacks

One question you may have is whether you will still receive your affiliate commission if the product is returned or if the customer requests a chargeback on the purchase. Unfortunately, the answer is no. All money is returned to the customer, so the vendor and affiliate must return their portions of the sale as well.

Because of the 60-day return period for all ClickBank products, they utilize a return allowance to cover the possibility of returns.

Affiliate Tools For

Clickbank Vendor ID: modatech

Clickbank Vendor ID: modatech

Kettlebell Combatives Volume 1 Product ID: 1
Kettlebell Combatives Volume 3 Product ID: 2
Warrior Zero: Product ID: 3
Kettlebell Combatives Volume 2 Product ID: 5
Kettlebell Combatives Volume 4 Product ID: 6

Standard Clickbank hoplink looks like:

As an example, for Kettlebell Combatives Volume 1 yours would look like: http://”YOURcbAFFILIATEname”


Kettlebell Combatives Volume 1

Kettlebell Combatives Volume 3

Kettlebell Combatives Volume 4

each sell for $27 per GUIDE. For every sale, you get 55% commission.

TheWarrior Zero sells for $47 per digital download, you get 55% commission for every sale.

The Kettlebell Combatives Volume 2 sells for $7 per GUIDE. For every sale you get 55% commission.

When you drive a sale to one of our Kettlebell Combatives products, ClickBank processes the sale, applies its charges, then calculates the commission rate based on the remaining net sale amount. Here’s an example of how much you’ll earn on a single Kettlebell Combatives purchase:

Retail Price: $27

Subtract 7.5% + $1: -$3.03
Net Sale Amount: $23.97
55% of Remainder: $13.18

Therefore, as the referring affiliate for this sale, you would earn $13.18

You can use any of the graphics found on our site and link your affiliate code to it. Simply right (on windows) or cntrl (on mac) click on the image and choose ‘save image/file as’ to download the image to your computer: