Kettlebells for Runners; Save time and Accomplish that Goal of Running a Marathon!

NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon

Deep down inside, most of us have the vision, desire and ambition to complete a milestone race or event. It can be a 26.2 mile marathon, a 12.1 mile Tough Mudder race or even a 5k race, the dream of crossing the Finish Line with our hands raised in the air remains constant. So the desire is there but how can we possibly fit all of that training time into our already PACKED schedule? I have an answer that worked for me as well as many clients; the Kettlebell Swing!

I love to run and enjoy it the most when I have the least amount of foot support as possible; minimalist running. But let me be honest here; I enjoy it up until a certain amount of miles. That number usually hovers around 5 miles. Like most weekend warriors out there, I enjoy Challenges. I have always had the dream of running the NYC Marathon as well as many other races and events. But running 26.2 miles.. Well that requires some serious devotion and allocated time to accomplish. Not only is there a physical battle that takes place but how about the mental attitude, the intestinal fortitude as we say in the US Marines..

Kettlebell training and specifically the Swing had the answer that I was looking for. We are all very busy but more importantly, we need

NYC Marathon NY Daily News Article

NY Daily News Article:
TOP: Professional Hockey Player BOTTOM: Coach Helder and NTC Tribe Member Victor

to prepare the body for the event on a whole. Just training Sport Specific does not do a thorough job. We need to develop various attributes and strength in multiple muscle groups. Even the elite runners could improve drastically if they spent some time with kettlebell practice and training.

Keep in mind that kettlebell training by itself WILL NOT replace the need for covering distance and preparing the body by achieving familiarity with the various distances pertaining to your event. Kettlebell training is meant to reduce the miles that need to be covered in order to prepare for your event; NOT replace the Miles that need to be covered. We cannot enter unknown realms when we know the exact requirements of an event. As an example.. If you need to cover 15+ miles on certain training day, multiple times per week, Kettlebells will cut that training time down for you. But Do Not be fooled into thinking that we can just train with kettlebells and we are good to go for the next marathon coming up.. Can it happen, YES. Is it advisable? No it is NOT!

Helder at the NJ Tough Mudder Race

Helder at the NJ Tough Mudder Race

We need to function “on Monday” since most of us are weekend warriors.  If we do not take the time to properly train by covering distance in our runs; our bodies and minds will be ill-prepared to accomplish the mission. Frustration, Failure and Injury usually ensue. The toll taken on the body is something that cannot be overlooked. I have seen professional athletes collapse and have to be wheel-chaired out of the Marathon. No Joke, I have the newspaper clippings!  😉

I want to keep this post short and let the video below fill in more of the details. I will be writing about Kettlebells for Runners in more detail with the approaching months so make sure that you subscribe to us in order to stay informed.

Attacking the event in a Smart, well planned manner will get you to your goal. Let’s use these events to prove to ourselves that we are doing things correctly in our personal practice. The ONLY person that you have something to prove to is Yourself!

Helder heading to the Finish Line at the NYC Marathon

Helder heading to the Finish Line at the NYC Marathon

When you cross the Finish Line with your Arms Raised, We want a smile on our face and to know that we still have a little gas left in the tank so that we are “ALWAYS PREPARED” for whatever life has to share with us.

Here is a Detailed Video Explaining Kettlebells for Runners in a bit more detail.

I hope that this helped and Thank You for viewing!

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