Target Practice For Kettlebell Control

Camp Setup

Camp Setup

This past weekend I was out in the field with a few of our Tribe members and, of course, our kettlebells. We were playing with some advanced movements and as we progressed with our Play, we developed the Kettlebell Rope Target Game.

At Natural Training Center, we focus on our ability to be “Always Prepared” for whatever Life and Nature throws at us. We utilize kettlebells to get where we need to be with our fitness level in the most efficient manner. After all, we are mostly weekend warriors; Ideally, we would love to just develop our skills and attributes interacting with Nature. Since we do not have that luxury due to our City-Dweller lifestyles, Kettlebells are our tool of choice.

With the Kettlebell Rope Target Game, we develop the following attributes:

-Spacial Awareness
-Burn Tons of Calories
-Focus on hip movements (a must for any Athletics)
-Focus on Relaxed Tension
-Develop more Functional Muscle
-Focus on FUN more so than Metrics/Numbers of sets/Reps
-Speed and Agility as we Progress the Game
-Unlimited Possibilities with this game in order to cater it to your specific niche (Combatives, MMA, Athletics, Health, Fitness, etc.)
-Focus and Concentration (Acquiring Targets)

-much, much more…

NTC Tribe Mascots

NTC Tribe Mascots

Here is a brief clip that I made after our trip in the field so that I can share this game with all of you. Keep in mind that this is advanced work. Be sure that you OWN your kettlebell swing before you attempt to play this or any advanced kettlebell movement based game(s). Baby-Steps will always get you there the fastest!





Kettlebell Rope Target Game (Video)

Thank You for viewing, I hope that you enjoyed. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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