Kettlebell Swing to Clean Drill for Combatives

When we work with Martial Artists and Combatives groups including our own NTC Combatives, there seems to be a constant phrase being shouted throughout the training sessions. That phrase is “Keep Your Freaking Hands Up!” 😉

As we train and begin to fatigue, one of the first issues that arise is the loss of proper form including our stance.  When our hands drop down and no longer “guard” our heads, Bad Things tend to happen. There are also less options from a defensive outlook when our hands are down as opposed to a proper guard or semi-guard position. So the point is, We Need to Keep Our “Freaking” Hands up in order to do Proper work.

Outside Clean Drill

Kettlebell Fundamentals

The Outside Swing to Clean Drill drives this position home and provides the feedback needed to maintain alignment and solidify proper recruitment patterns needed for all Athletes and specifically Martial Artists in this scenario.

What I like about this drill, as well as All the drills and exercises in our Kettlebells for Combatives series, is its efficiency  Sure we are working on the mechanics required for proper Combat application but we also get Much more. Like Most things with ballistic kettlebell work, we also get the added benefits of: Strength, Strength Endurance, Spacial Awareness, Flexibility, Mobility, proprioception, Hand Speed and Much More… Did I mention the by-products of Weight Loss and Muscle Gain. 🙂

Take a look at the Demo below. Remember, it All starts with the Kettlebell Swing. If you do not have the Swing down, get a copy of our Swing Guide and work the Swing first. Once you feel that you own the Swing, go ahead and play with this drill and other advanced drills in the Kettlebells for Combatives series.

Hope that you enjoyed viewing!


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