Kettlebell Juggling with a Partner

Catch & Release drills or “Kettlebell Juggling” is a natural progression within our NTC Method. We invest plenty of time in hammering in the basics so that these movements are not only beneficial but also our kettlebell training safe. We want to enhance our health and attributes with our kettlebell training not hinder our performance. Patience is key throughout this process. Many see what we

Partner Kettlebell Juggling

do within out NTC Method and want to rush right into the cool stuff. Unfortunately for them, instead of these drills being fun, they become dangerous.
Our NTC Members begin with our flagship Tenderfoot Program found in our online member area. The focus is refining movement and Tenderfoot consists of Joint Mobility, Yoga & Body-weight Exercises. Tenderfoot begins to remove restrictions in our Member’s movements as well as build up their mobility, stamina & strength.

Our members then progress to the information in our Kettlebell Fundamentals Guides. These kettlebell guides focus on proper mechanics from basic to advanced levels. These drills allow the NTC Member to develop the attributes needed to take full advantage of all the various “camps” within our NTC Method. Once all of these basics are owned by the member, they are then able to progress to catch & release drills, safely.

The next level of catch & release drills within our NTC Method is Partner Kettlebell Juggling Drills. This keeps our training fun & also develops great attributes such as sensitivity which is crucial in all aspects of the NTC Method. Whether we are practicing Combatives or on a Trek, sensitivity enhances the experience as well as the effectiveness of our specific mission.

We had our 2014 NTC Combatives Pow Wow this past weekend and for many of our members, this was their first exposure to Kettlebell Juggling. Everyone had a blast, gained amazing confidence and got a chance to gauge how their hard work has been paying off.

Below are a couple video clips of the various partner kettlebell juggling drills that we played with. Take a look and be smart if you attempt any of these drills. Remember that baby-steps will always get you there the fastest.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you have any feedback, please comment below.


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