Kettlebell Combatives Challenge Reflection

We are proud to feature some reflections by a friend, challenge participant, and highly respected teacher Michael GreyWolf Robinson!

  1. How would you describe yourself? Can you tell us a little about who you are?

    I am a lifelong martial artist and family man with an innate urge to be attuned with nature best I can. I do my best to be fully engage in any pursuit I chose.

  1. How did you become involved with the NTC method and kettlebell combatives?

    I first met Coach Helder and other NTC Tribe members during intensive Martial Arts training, instructor camps. Having a mutual drive towards seeking our potential and the connection to a natural lifestyle we continued to share information and teachings that would benefit our families-tribes as a whole. This was roughly 6 years ago.

  1. What from the NTC Method do you use in your regular life?

    RESET POSE ? To be perfectly honest the overall approach of preparation through mobility, specific work and sound recovery used within the NTC method is daily life.

  2. What would you tell others about the NTC Method that they can’t understand without experiencing it?

    This is a tricky one, as Tribe members I feel we speak, act and think NTC but without the actual exper/ience, the initiation if you will it can be challenging at times to convey the Method but those who take the plunge out of their comfort zones find immeasurable benefits. The time is NOW!

  1. What motivated you to take part in this challenge?

    Aside from commitment to my Tribe this is what we do! Nothing is coincidence and the challenge was exactly what I needed to draw out certain attributes and reinforce my current path

  1. How do you feel from the challenge now?

    I feel great! With sound fundamentals and solid work ethic you can’t go wrong.

  1. How has the kettlebell tool helped you in your training and in your life?

    Whether it be martial arts performance or fitness pursuits the KB has certainly helped me excel towards personal goals. That being said, the bell also became and is a sanctuary during rough times in which I can express myself and work to alter my life for the better.

  1. What is the most difficult part of this challenge?

    This particular challenge had a solid workload in which any numerous life happenings can interfere but I see the words difficult and challenges as much the same so I embraced it.

  2. What is your favorite thing(s) about the NTC Method/Kettlebell Combatives?

    The overall validated approach with a holistic lifestyle approach along with the fellowship.

  3. What are you known for within the tribe?

    Good question…Martial Arts? Ninjutsu? Family? Beard? Baldness? Beer? Being engaged in the path? Take your pick?