How To Use Kettlebells To Improve Your Running Technique

We are Big on running here at Natural Training Center. In fact, it is one of our camps within the NTC  Method. Today is National Running Day so I decided to share one of our favorite drills to help you with your running form.

NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon

Running is Fundamental to us and the mechanics that we need for running convey right over to other athletics. Maintaining spine alignment, shoulder pack, mid-foot drive and core activation are just some of the mechanics that correlate to athletic movement.

We use information that we gather from today’s latest research as well as pulling from our past experience. For this drill, I implemented basic movement that I learned in the United States Marine Corps. Marching is used in the Marine Corps to move Marines from point (A) to point (B.) Marching is also used to instill discipline in Marines. So let’s just say that we marched A LOT in the U.S.M.C.

When marching correctly and barefoot or in minimalist footwear, we end up maintaining mid-foot drive (as opposed to Heel Striking which causes harm to the body.)  

NYC Marathon Finish

NYC Marathon Finish

Using a kettlebell in a Rack position (as in the kettlebell clean) we maintain spinal alignment, shoulder pack and core activation. Combining the kettlebell clean with the mechanics of Marine Corps marching gives us a Great Drill to aid us in gaining and maintaining proper running form.

Below is a video of a drill that I use for me as well as clients to assist us in attaining proper running form using a kettlebell.




Kettlebell Clean Drill for Minimalist Runners (VIDEO).

Now Get Out There and RUN!!  😉

Thank you for Viewing!


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