Is It True That Kettlebells Make me Less Flexible?

Kettlebells have gotten a bad rap when it comes to mobility and flexibility. Many kettlebell practitioners are experiencing a lack in flexibility, tightness and even less range of motion. What I have noticed is that the lack of mobility does not stem from the kettlebell, it stems from the athlete’s kettlebell practice & approach.

Kettlebell Joint Mobility

A lot of the kettlebell training currently being taught is implemented similar to past body building methods. Now, I do see value in a lot of this practice but in return, there has to be compensation for these movements.

As we perform these kettlebell exercises that bring on the “tightness” we need to release that tension so that we free up our movement.

Within the NTC Method we use various joint mobility exercises, eventually progressed with our kettlebells integrated, to get the restoration back into our joints. This not only gets us ready for the next task that life has to offer but it also greatly enhances our quality of life by keeping our joints healthy.

Below is a sample of the kettlebell joint mobility exercises that we use within our NTC Method.

Please keep in mind that some of the movements in this video clip are for the intermediate to advanced kettlebell practitioner. Our tribe members start out with standard joint mobility movements via our Tenderfoot program before they even touch a kettlebell.

As Always, Baby-Steps will get you there the fastest.

Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found it useful.


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