Here is the Kettlebell Exercise for Rock-Hard Abs that You Were Asking About!

Here is the Kettlebell Exercise for Rock-Hard Abs that You Were Asking About!

Natural Training Center is based out of New Jersey. We have some Beautiful locations to Train in and Enjoy the Outdoors within NJ. One of our most popular places is the Jersey Shore. Since there is such a focus on getting the “Beach Body” ready for the summer, I tend to get the following
Onnit Kettlebells

question around this time of the year; “Hey Coach, Do You Have a Good Kettlebell Exercise that Will Work My Abs?”

I can hear many of my peers chuckling in the background as they read this but we all know there is validity to this. Our job as Coaches is to get people to their goals but focus on their Health throughout the process. So if abs are the Goal for the client and that mindset will keep them motivated and in the Process; then it is just as good a motivator as anything else.

Jersey Shore

the Jersey Shore

Within the NTC Method we focus on Health. Fat Loss, Muscle gain including Abs, are just by-products obtained from keeping the focus on the Big Picture.

We want muscles that GO..Not Muscles that Show. 😉

Within our kettlebell for Combatives series we focus on, what most call, Advanced Kettlebell work. We take the basics, play with them via Traveling Catch and Release Drills and we receive incredible results that convey over to our Combatives attributes, but more importantly for our Tribe, It integrates seamlessly into everyday Life!

Here is a demo featuring one of our popular drills. Make sure that you have your Kettlebell Swing down before attempting the drill. This drill is Dynamic, Fun and YES… It WILL Work Your Abs! 🙂

Thank you for viewing, I hope that you enjoyed it!

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