Hand Preservation During the Swing Challenge

The kettlebell 10,000 swing challenge is off to a rock solid start, with many people from around the world getting in on it. A brief recap of the rules:

  1. Men use at least a 24 kg kettlebell
  2. Women use at least a 16 kg kettlebell
  3. All swings must be recorded and uploaded
  4. Swings can be done in any amount at a time, as long as the total is met
  5. Total 10,000 swings and have it uploaded by 11:59 PM on Monday, May 29th

However you break it up is up to you. Since 10,000 swings is high volume in the next 45 days, it is critical to pace yourself, and make sure you can restore during the challenge. Here are some tips from Coach Helder to make sure that your hands are taken care of as you take on this challenge for a better body by summer!


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