Combatives Attributes: An Introduction

Combatives is a simple concept to grasp, but a difficult endeavor to pursue. Being effective at “combatives”, instead of “martial arts”, is a core philosophy behind Kettlebell Combatives, Natural Training Center (NTC), and the NTC Method. Of course, this is not to discount the value and practicality of many martial arts disciplines, but it is important to distinguish training according to a curriculum that fulfills the requirements of a martial arts school’s syllabus, and the focus of training for the purpose obtaining the understanding of the most immediate, efficient ways to emerge from an emergency unharmed.

Attributes for combatives include a body structure that will hold up if it is resisted against, a physiology that will not be overwhelmed at the inevitable adrenaline dump, and correct mobility for the body to prevent injury, allow for you to escape, or, if absolutely necessary, fight off an attack. This is simple enough when presented in this way, but difficult when put into practice. Any video of a violent ambush can quickly put that into perspective.

Being able to use the correct movement to deal with a situation, making sure your body can hold up when dealing with that situation, and coming out on the otherside relatively unscathed and be able to seek help if necessary, are the goals for our training with Kettlebell Combatives. It is the primary objective when we are training our protocols using our different techniques. In our next series of posts, we will be introducing some of the foundation of our method for Kettlebell Combatives.

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