Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide

We have been working on the Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide for quite a while now. We are Proud to announce that we will release our new Guide within the next 2 weeks.

Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide

Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide

With our Guides, we aim to hammer in the Fundamentals but we also want to show the progressions which aid in keeping the viewer happy! :-) Some may use the “more advanced” material on the Guide as motivation while others will incorporate it into their personal practice. It is difficult to come up with a “One-Size Fits All” solution but with our Guides in the Kettlebell Fundamentals series, the feedback from both Beginner and Advanced practitioners has been overwhelmingly GREAT!

Here is a video teaser of some of the material that will be covered in the Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide. Please keep in mind that the Kettlebell Clean builds Directly from the Kettlebell Swing. If you feel that you kettlebell swing can use some improvement, pick up our Kettlebell Swing Guide so that you will be primed for our next Guide on the Kettlebell Clean and Press.

We are EXCITED and We Certainly Hope that You are Excited Too!

Kettlebell Clean and Press Guide (Teaser Video)

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  • Gabriela


  • Gabriela

    I’m learning a lot thru this site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Helder Gomes

      Thank you Gabriela, we appreciate your support!