Kettlebell Advanced Figure 8 Drill for MMA, Martial Arts and Combatives

The basic Kettlebell Figure 8 Drill is excellent for developing core stability, maintaining shoulder pack and getting used to traveling with the bell (shifting weight from side to side.) I like the basic drill so much that it is part of our Kettlebell Guide on the Swing.

Kettlebells for Combatives

Kettlebells for Combatives

The drill that am I demonstrating below is just a progression of the basic Kettlebell Figure 8. Within our NTC Combatives Tribe, our Members want to develop their athleticism so that they can become better at their chosen Martial Arts as well as their Combatives application within our Tribe.

We spend a lot of time hammering in Kettlebell Fundamentals within the NTC Combatives Tribe. We also work with many Martial Arts organizations as well as Martial Artists and we implement the same NTC Method. One thing they most of these Martial Artists seem to have in common is that they want to practice their Art more than they want to work on their “Fitness.” 😉

Personally, Everything is Everything to me. When I work on my Fitness, I am also working on my Combatives effectiveness and vice-versa. We focus on Movement at Natural Training Center. The better that we can move, the better Athlete that we become regardless of the sport or Art. This is the essence of the overall NTC Method which focuses on Preparedness.

Kettlebells for Martial Artists

Kettlebells for Martial Artists

When we progress these advanced kettlebell drills from the fundamentals, the Tribe sees this as Play; similar to the way that they approach their Martial Arts. Some Arts contain weapons or TOOLS as I like to call them. To us, the kettlebell is just another Great Tool to aid us as Martial Artists.

Below is a demonstration (video) of the Advanced Kettlebell Figure 8 Drill that we use in our Combatives series. If you feel that your kettlebell practice is at a level where you can be safe approaching this drill, give it a try and let us know how you made out with it.


Kettlebell Figure 8 Drill w/Forward and Reverse Flip for MMA, Martial Arts and Combatives 

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