Go Beyond Strength Training With The Kettlebell Spin Swing

We headed to the Catskills in Upstate, NY this past weekend. It was time for some Rest and Relaxation and our favorite cabin in the

Upstate NY Cabin

Upstate NY Cabin

woods is certainly an excellent way to “un-plug.” Even though we were on this min-trip for R&R, Lifestyle always prevails.

What exactly do I mean by that statement? Even though we are breaking away from our daily pattern our “workouts” should not be discarded. If anything, they need to be implemented at an even deeper level because of the extra calories being consumed. If we add in alcohol, which we do ;-), then we certainly need to put in the work on or vacations.

Efficiency is key since we want to free up as much time as possible in order to enjoy our surroundings.

Local Brew (IPA)

Local Brew (IPA)

Knowing what we do about kettlebells; they always come along on our vacation. The checklist goes something like:


Dog Food….Check!

Kettlebells… Check!

OK, we can leave now…  :-)

Within our NTC Combatives group, we teach PRAMEK (martial art). Movement and Principles are the main components of the PRAMEK System. We realize that we need to move and move well in order to become proficient at the PRAMEK system. We need to move in various directions without premeditation. So how can we prepare for some of these non-conventional movements? There is no easy answer but we are always delving into better ways to get to our goal.

While we were enjoying some tranquility at the cabin, I grabbed a kettlebell and went outside to Play.

I kept a thought in mind from our last NTC Combatives training session…

One of our NTC Combatives members had read on a Martial Arts forum that the kettlebell swing is excellent for building strength and endurance but when it comes to movement, it lacks because your feet are planted. Well, I can certainly see the validity in that statement and even agree somewhat. Ideas similar to this one is what led us to pursue the Kettlebells for Combatives series.

Bruno's Active Recovery

Bruno’s Active Recovery

While I was outside Playing with one of my kettlebells, I implemented the “Spin Swing.” The first thing that i can tell you is that it is a lot of Fun to do. The second thought was that you better own the kettlebell swing in order to remain safe during this drill.

Below is a very brief clip of me playing with the Kettlebell Spin Swing. If you feel that your kettlebell practice is fine tuned and you can attempt this drill safely, give it a try. If you want to Play with this drill and others in our Combatives Series but are new to kettlebells, take a look at our Kettlebell Swing Guide, It is certainly a great place to start.


Kettlebell SPIN SWING (Video)

Thank You for viewing and I hope that you enjoyed it!


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