Kettlebell Juggling As Seen Through a Head Mounted Go Pro

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and the weather was just Perfect for a hike here in New Jersey. I called up my buddy Tom and we decided to meet at

Coach Helder

Coach Helder

Watchung Reservation; one of our favorite, local, places to hike.

We “rendezvoused” in one of the parking lots with our packs, girlfriends and our dogs; we were ready to begin our brief adventure!

The dogs wrestled and played as we hiked enjoying eachothers company; All (4) of them! We were having an Excellent time as usual. We were able to meet lots of nice new people along the trails and many of them had Pups of their own; so we got to meet some really great doggies too. Even our little mini-dachshund (sausage dog) had a blast. She got a bit tired half-way through the hike so Adriana made a “field-expedient” carrier for little Roxy. It happened to work out great so that was certainly a plus.

Doggie BJJ

Doggie BJJ

Tom happens to be the head honcho at Photography, an awesome multi-media company. Tom always has the latest gadgets especially when it comes to video and photography. It is what he does and Does Incredibly Well! We were nearing the end of our hike when Tom pulls out 2 GoPro cameras. These were small, high quality video cameras that can be mounted virtually anywhere with the right accessories. Tom also had a heathmount attachment with him for the GoPro so the wheels started turning…

I Just So Happened to have a kettlebell in my car; Coincidence?? 😉 Not Really..I seem to ALWAYS have a kettlebell strategically placed for Emergencies like this. :-) So the wheels began to turn…

We were now back at the parking lot and the idea of a “kettlebell Play” video wearing the head mounted GoPro was in full effect!

Field Expedient Dog Carrier

Field Expedient Dog Carrier ;-)



We were tired from a long day of hiking and we were pressed for time. I put on the GoPro head-mount, grabbed a 45lb kettlebell that was in the car and headed to a nearby open space to “PLAY!” The camera recorded one take for approximately 2 minutes worth of footage and it was a Blast! It was a bit awkward having the camera mounted to my forehead but the anticipation of what the video may look like made it all worth it and a little less annoying.


Take a look at the video footage that we got; it’s pretty cool!  Stay Posted!

We will be experimenting a bit more with the GoPro in the weeks to come.

Thanks for viewing, Hope that you enjoyed it!



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