Kettlebell Training for the Combat Athlete

“Are You Wondering Why Elite Police, Military & Martial Artists Are Using Kettlebells As Their
Primary Conditioning Tool?”

Coach Helder has been teaching the benefits of Kettlebell Training for nearly a decade. His experience as a United States Marine & Martial Artist has made him a sought after Kettlebell Coach all over the world for the Combat Athlete.

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What Do You Hope To Gain From Your Kettlebell Training?

  • Build Solid, Toned Muscle?
  • Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning Furnace?
  • Enhance Flexibility & Become More Mobile?
  • Attain The Endurance Of A Marathon Runner Without Running?
  • Bring Your Cardio Vascular System & V02 To Amazing Levels?
  • Develop Coordination, Agility & Proprioception?
  • Develop Crushing Grip Strength?
  • Maximize Your Free-Time With, Quick, Efficient Workouts?
  • Remain Healthy & At The Top Of Your Game For The Rest Of Your life?